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4 min readDec 12, 2018


The effort for developers, not to mention organisations and enterprises to adopt blockchain as part of their business model, is very time and cost intensive. To resolve this, Morpheus Labs soft-launched the Blockchain Platform and App Marketplace on 31st October 2018. The platform enables end users to test-drive blockchain applications within a lab environment at a fraction of the cost and time.

With this in place, we will ease the load off many enterprises and developers. As a next step, in order to curate more use cases for businesses, Morpheus Labs will launch the Future of Blockchain Community Series. This initiative aims to expand the number of Dapps as well as to commit to the worthy cause of community building within the blockchain ecosystem.

For Part 1 of the Future of Blockchain Community Series — we will be running an online Hackathon where we welcome everyone to participate. Please help us to spread the word and some love. :)


To develop Ethereum DApps and publish them in the AppLibrary of Morpheus Labs Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service OR produce the source codes via GitHub as a solution to resolve real business needs in order to win SGD $10,000 WORTH OF MITx.

Concurrently, Morpheus Labs would like to invite the developers to join our community to continuously contribute DApps to our AppLibrary with attractive incentives. We are setting up a developers community.

We are planning to organise similar hackathons with our blockchain partners as part of a comprehensive plan. Our aim is to recruit like-minded people, keen developers and “YOU” to join us on our journey to build a robust blockchain ecosystem.

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Best Ethereum DApp: SGD $5,000 WORTH OF MITx
1st Runner Up: SGD $2,000 WORTH OF MITx
2nd Runner Up: SGD $1,000 WORTH OF MITx
Participation Awards: SGD $200 WORTH of MITx (10 sets)


  1. The prize money is not convertible to fiat.
  2. Check the regulations surrounding the legality of ownership or receivership of digital tokens/ cryptocurrencies in your respective countries of residence.
  3. Token price will be based on 31st January 2019 reflected at CoinMarketCap at the time of the announcement.
  4. The Organiser reserves all rights to amend the conditions of this hackathon without any prior notice in writing and the Organiser’s decisions will be deemed final.


  1. ALL Participants will need to fill up and submit via the Submission Form in order to participate in this online hackathon. Failure to submit via the form listed will be deemed as disqualified.
  2. Participants will need to develop a working DApp or a proof of concept of a DApp based on Ethereum Blockchain as a solution to resolve real business needs. No restriction on the type of businesses or industries.
  3. Participants are encouraged to be registered on Morpheus Labs BPaaS. Register for a free account via https://bps.morpheuslabs.io
  4. Participants can either publish the Ethereum-powered DApps into the AppLibrary of Morpheus Labs BPaaS via https://bps.morpheuslabs.io or produce the source codes via GitHub no later than 15th January 2019, 2359hrs (Singapore Standard Time/ UTC +8).
  5. Open to all Nationalities and Regions. (Please check in the IMPORTANT NOTES above under PRIZE CATEGORIES)
  6. Only DApp built on Ethereum Blockchain will be accepted for this event.


  1. Originality of the Idea.
  2. Usability of the DApp as a real business case.
  3. Diversity of the DApp (range of work that the DApp can do that validate the increase in business value of the DApp)
  4. Reusability of the DApp for businesses and enterprises.
  5. Publish the DApp to the AppLibrary of the Morpheus Labs Platform will be strongly preferred.
  6. Brownie Points: If you follow us on Twitter @morpheuslabs_io and Retweet your submission. Remember to tag us otherwise we won’t know. :P
  7. Bonus Brownie Points: If you refer a friend to join this hackathon and retweet and tag us about it. :)

All submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges (appointed by the Organiser) who are the Industry and Subject Matter Experts, not limiting to the Morpheus Labs Management Team and the Blockchain Partners.

Winners of the hackathon will be announced on 31st January 2019 via Morpheus Labs’s Official Medium Account for all prizes categories. Winners will be contacted via email (given in the Submission Form) and all prizes will need to be claimed within 90 days from 1st February 2019. Otherwise, it will be deemed as forfeited.

Note: The Organiser’s decision will be final.

For enquiries about the Hackathon, please email: willynn@morpheuslabs.io

Written by: Willynn Ng | Vetted by: Management of Morpheus Labs

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