Morpheus Labs is happy to announce that the SEED platform has been successfully integrated into Huawei Cloud.

Despite various merits of blockchain technology, Morpheus Labs identified two main challenges that commonly exist in current blockchain-enabled cloud solutions:

The first type of challenge is that blockchain generally encounters technical difficulties when…

Accelerating Innovations with Cloud, Blockchain and AI

You may have heard in the news that some of the biggest companies in the world are investing or getting involved with cryptocurrencies. Organizations today are exploring how blockchain technology is able to enhance their operations and boost their bottom line. …

We’re excited to be part of the Huawei Spark Program that aims to incubate and accelerate deep startups in the Asia Pacific! This is a great opportunity for us to gain direct access to many respectable mentors in various areas of the business.

Stronger regulations for anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) are what is needed if cryptocurrencies are to achieve blockchain mass adoption.

The high risks models and anonymity within the blockchain industry have led to enhanced supervision by auditors and financial institutions. Companies that are involved in handling…

We’re proud to announce that Morpheus Labs has partnered up with Newscrypto, a trading platform used by the world’s top traders that serves as an all-in-one crypto suite.

Blockchain is a fundamental technology like the internet, while cryptocurrencies are a one-use case sort of like how emails are an application…

This article is written from the perspective that the reader has some basic knowledge of blockchain. If you have absolutely no clue what is blockchain, we suggest you read the following article for a quick crash course.

You may have heard of Bitcoin/cryptocurrency on the news more frequently now. Thanks…

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Hey Morpheus Labs Community,

As promised, we will conduct regular AMA sessions at least once a month, in which the community members will be able to get their questions answered by our co-founders…

The Morpheus Labs Ambassador Program

Do you want to get more involved in the blockchain industry? Here is your chance to sharpen your skills, get rewarded, AND:

  • Receive exclusive and limited edition merchandise.
  • Participate in events and receive exclusive event invitations at discounted rates.
  • Network and build relationships with like-minded…

[ Opinion ]

Disclaimer alert

This article is full of highly charged opinions. Unlike blockchain technology, we will look into the world of cryptocurrencies — a subset or by-product of Blockchain. It will extenuate opinions from different viewpoints. We understand that proponents of cryptocurrencies may not agree with us. Kindly…

Dear Morpheus Labs community,

It’s Morph-ing time! Welcome to our bi-monthly token update once again. This month, we will be giving you an update on Morpheus Labs’ Treasury of its purpose and usage.

Do refer to our Tokenomics update as always, for the latest insights on our token distribution and…

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